Do you need a one bedroom apartment or a studio apartment?

Here is how to choose

When you live alone, the chances are that all you need is a compact space that is all your own. This
means that you are likely to look at apartments to call your home. Apartments are a self-contained
approach to living, although they are usually found in larger blocks and are seen in cities around the

If you have ever looked at apartments, you will see that both one bedroom apartments and studio
apartments are an option to consider, but seeing as they both have one single bedroom, surely that
means that they are the same thing?

The answer is no. They are different, even if those differences are subtle. We have put together our
guide to both studios and one-bedroom apartments to help you decide which one is right for you.

What is the difference?

The first thing to think about is what is the actual difference between one bedroom apartments and
studio apartments. Whilst they do both have one bedroom, a one bedroom apartment has a distinct
difference between the bedroom and the rest of the apartment. On the other hand, a studio
apartment will be one complete area, a self-contained space that incorporates the living room,
bedroom, and kitchen in an open-plan style. With only the bathroom separate.

Which is best?

It is not always easy to know which type of apartment is suitable as it really depends on your living
situation and what you are looking for in your home. For the most part, studio apartments are
recommended for those who live alone and wants an open living space that they can enjoy.
Studio apartments are usually cheaper on their rent than other types of flats, and they will often
require less furniture to feel like they are completely furnished, as the space is much more open.

A one bedroom apartment is much more likely to be recommended if you live with someone else.
This is because they are compact but still offer a separate living space. This means that if you have
different bedtimes or simply want some privacy from time to time, you can achieve this by heading
into bed.

You may also want to consider a one bedroom apartment over a studio apartment if you often have
friends over; this is for the same reasons and gives you space to call your own and keep yourself

Storage space-wise, a one bedroom apartment is usually going to offer you more places to keep
items. A studio apartment may lack storage space (or you may have to be more inventive with the
storage space that you choose, such as having under bed storage). This is simply due to the layout of
the space.

Ultimately, both one bedroom and studio apartments give you some fantastic options to consider if
you are looking for your first home. They give you the chance to get on the property ladder or try
out renting before you dive into moving to a house that will be more expensive each month.

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