Do I Really Need a Headboard?
Headboards protect your walls from damage and grime caused by you sitting upright in bed… but what if your bed doesn’t have one?

There are several different types of bed that you can get here in the UK. Regardless of whether you prefer an adjustable bed or a bunk bed, one thing is always a staple… the headboard. We use headboards to enhance our comfort experience while we are in bed – but do we even really need them? After all, many kid’s beds don’t include a headboard as standard.

So here is a little bit of history from the UK’s best provider of bedding. Do you or don’t you need a headboard? Let’s find out.

Why We Use Headboards?

Let’s begin with a little bit of history. Where did the headboard come from, anyway? The humble headboard has its origins in the castles of the Pharaohs. The royalty of Ancient Egypt would build their headboards out of thick wooden slabs, often with storage space contained in there. The wooden blocks kept them away form the harsh stone of the walls. It was the Greeks who first added cushioning for comfort and support.

Over the generations, the headboard was adapted. In the Middle Ages they were reportedly made of wood. This small piece of wood was placed behind the bed to eliminate draughts. Wood helped protect your head and neck while you slept, particularly if you were too poor to afford better bedding, walls, or accommodations.

Nowadays, some headboards are still made of wood, some are cast iron, and some are plush and soft. The purpose of the headboard has evolved too. While it was once necessary to keep bedding in place and to stop that draught, now it is there for aesthetic purposes.

The Benefits of the Headboard

Although we might no longer need a headboard to stop a draught, there are endless benefits to having one in place. Here are some of our favourites.

Dirt and Grime

Your hair is dirty – no matter how much you clean it. Body oils and hair grease can make your walls dirty for lack of a headboard.


When sitting in bed, it’s easier to use a headboard to lean on than it is to use stacked pillows.


A good headboard will keep your pillows on the bed and stop them falling as you sleep.

Storage Space

We can still get thicker headboards which can open to store books or other goods.


Of course, the main reason to have one in your home is still the aesthetic. Use a headboard to tie in with the colours in your room and keep things stylish. You can even buy statement headboard pieces to act as features. You can even balance the headboard with a matching footboard to make the bed look extra comfortable.

Where to Buy a Headboard for your Bed?

Headboards are sold separately to the rest of the bed, although you can buy matching ones from the outset. You will find an opulent, affordable selection of find headboards on our website, here at BedzNextDay.


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