With the festive season already descending, it’s time to evaluate if your home is guest-ready or not.

There are few things better in life than a brand new soft comfortable mattress. Added to that, the luxury of a new divan bed or an exemplary headboard and you begin to build a picture of Christmas cosiness that you can't get anywhere except in your own home. This festive season, why not think about treating yourself to a new bed instead of treating everyone else?

Why is Christmas the best time of year to buy a bed?

Christmas is the best time of year for you to buy a new bed. Why is this? Because every other company is trying to sell your Christmas presents, whereas bed firms are trying to sell you something for yourself. Just about every bedmaker on the market has a Christmas sale. The reason we do this is because it's one of the times of year where we sell the least mattresses.

But apart from the fact that you will find massive reductions on prices at bedznextday.co.uk during the Christmas season, there are other reasons why you should buy a bed at this time of year. Winter is the time of cold. It is the season of frozen noses and icy toes. What better time of year to buy something designed specifically to optimise your comfort?

And finally, consider those nosy relatives snooping around in your bedroom. What will they say when they see your existing bed? Is your old mattress done for? Are you having Christmas guests to stay, and you don't want to put them on a lumpy mattress? A quick visit to the bed store could still see you with a delivery in time for Christmas. But time is fast running out.

The 3 best bed deals in the BedzNextDay Christmas sale

Here at BedzNextDay we have plenty on offer in our Christmas sale. Here are the three best bedding packages we are currently offering.

1 - The Health Therapy Silver 1000 Memory Pocket Bed

This encapsulated divan set features everything you need to put a bed into the room and start sleeping on it immediately. There is no waiting for mattresses to decompress or parts arriving separately. Simply order this bed, have it arrive, set it up and start living. We are currently offering a huge discount on this bed so try to take advantage.

2 - The Bethany 2000 Pocket Coil Mattress

If all you need is a new mattress and your old divan bed set works well enough, then consider this model from Bethany. It contains 2000 individually pocketed memory coils. It’s a thick mattress which will provide ample support and disperse weight and movement through all those thousands of coils.

3 - The Lotus Upholstered Bed Frame

Available in a choice of colours, this upholstered bed frame gives a soft impression to any space. It contains both a footboard and a headboard to add to the pleasant aesthetic. It can be ordered to fit a mattress of varying sizes.

Check out our other deals on our Christmas Deal pages, today.

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